The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community


Here is where people with a strong root in "Core Shamanism" as taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies can find communion, support and further training in the Pacific Northwest area.

What is Core Shamanism? Core Shamanism is the universal or near-universal principles and practices of shamanism not bound to any specific cultural group or perspective, as originated and developed by Michael Harner from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. At the center of all practices is "shamanic journey", which is the practice of traveling to and maintaining strong relationships with one's spirits guides. Spirit guides come in many forms: totem or power animals, spiritual teachers that appear to us in human form, angelic beings, benevolent goddesses and gods and even plants.

This is also a place to find healers and teachers trained in Core Shamanic healing practices. These teachers and healers are local to the Pacific Northwest stretching from Northern California, up to Oregon, through Seattle, Bellingham and reaching into Vancouver B.C.

There are many healing practices, such as extraction, soul retrieval, compassionate depossession and power animal retrievals What a person needs is determined by the spirit guides of the shamanic practitioner.

Community Events are listed here Community events, some free, some outside the core disciplines... they are places where people can come together in ceremony or conference...all free events are posted for free! There are many open journey circles where people come to practice their journey skills and journey for each other. Many of them are free. Most of them are Core Shamanic.

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