The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community

Be a Spider for the Community

Tips on how to build community (and get warm fuzzies in the process)
1. Offer something for free. A healing drum event, a public ceremony in a public park...give a reason for people to come together. I'll broadcast it on this list to support you.
2. Be brave, have a potluck for a bunch of shamanic people you don't know.
3. Give your students a flyer about so they can get connected and find circles to practice in.
4. Start a circle.
5. Go to a circle, even if you don't know if you will go again.
6. Sample a local teacher you don't know much about.
7. Be generous.
8. Give people in your community compliments on their work. Tell them how much you appreciate what they do.
9. GIft someone something without them expecting it.
10. Let someone know that you are there for them to do journeys or healing if they ever need you.
11. Take around flyers for the teachers that you love.
12. Send healers referrals that you really trust.
13. Honor everyone no matter how bumpy we all may get on this wild path of introspection and healing.
14. Reach out and make a new friend with someone you met at a circle or class.
15. Link to Spiderlinks from your website.
16. Encourage your students to hold practice circles. Give them some pointers on how to structure a circle.

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