The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community



Basic Shamanic Journey Workshop
8 Monday nights, September 20th, Taught by Tasara
Learn to conduct your own shamanic journeys to the other realms to meet your spirit allies, whether in the form of animals, plants, deities, teachers, angels or any other benevolent spirits who are attracted to you.~ Learn protection techniques for navigating in the otherrealms and for walking in the everyday world.
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The Shamanic Path - Awakening the Healer Within
February 2010 through May 2011
In shamanism, we work in partnership with nature, the elements and our helping sprits in both the visible and invisible realms to bring balance, wholeness and harmony on behalf of all beings in the great web of life. The Shamanic Path is an 18-month program of experiential and initiatory processes for both women and men who are committed to being a healing presence in the world. We will meet for eight weekends during which we will explore core shamanic techniques designed to awaken the healer within.
Contact: Christine Wallace, 206 736-2446
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Women and Plants ~ Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Program
Next session begins September 25, 2010 ~ Location: South Whidbey Island
The plants will be your teachers. Come join us and discover more deeply who you are, craft your life fully and potently, and immerse yourself in the teachings of the shamanic herbal tradition of the wise woman.
Four ~10-week sessions over 16 months. We meet on Saturdays and a few Sundays.
Included Herbal Wisdom Circle and the Journey of the Rose Weekend.
Contact info: Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter,, 360-579-2319,

In the Garden of the Goddess, Herbal Wisdom Circle, 13-Month Program,
Starts Sept. 25, 2010 ~ Location: South Whidbey Island
12 monthly circles, Journey of the Rose weekend, Journey into the garden, outside and within, explore your exquisite nature through the mirror of goddess, shamanic listening, garden projects, herbal crafting, ritual.


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