The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community

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Medicine Wheel Teachings with Roy Wilson ~ Castle Rock, WA
Ongoing Classes Meet the 1st Saturday of Each Month

12:30 to 1pm - Drumming Circle
1-4pm - Medicine Wheel Teachings

The Medicine Wheel teachings are taught by Chief Roy Wilson (Grandfather) the Spiritual Leader and Story Teller of the Cowlitz Tribe. Kyle Ward and Maureen Browning, Ritual and Shamanic Practitioners, and Sun Dancers assist Grandfather Roy Wilson in the teachings..
Please bring a drum and/or rattle, snack, water bottle, an air of expectancy, open mind and heart to hear the simularities of traditional Native American medicine wheel teachings with those of other world religions. Honorarium Donations are appreciated to help pay for Roy, Kyle and Maureen's teachings, time, travel and space rental.
The Grange Hall
214 Cowlitz Ave
Castle Rock, WA 98611
Contact: Maureen or Kyle at for directions or questions.
Raven House Healing


Rainbow Medicine Reiki, Cheney, WA
Welcome to Medicine Reiki, powerful blend of Reiki and the traditional Medicine energies of the America like bear, Grandmother Moon, Drum and Fire. Medicine Reiki combines the safety of Reiki with the urgent immediacy and power of Indian Medicine.
Contact: Rich CrystalWolfe Baker


Sacred Drum Making, Federal Way, WA. 98003
15-16" Elk hide, white cedar frame, hand drums. All supplies furnished.
Come make your own Sacred Drum. $100.00 per person per drum.
Contact: 253-273-4171 for details. - Grey Falcon Of The Mist


Secrets of the Old Woman Who Never Dies: The Ancient Ways of the Moon Phases
FIRST Monday evening of the month
We will begin with a Short Drumming and journey circle, in the Core Shamanic tradition. Then we will explore the ancient teachings of the moon and how to recognize and integrate her unique changing eight-phase energies into everyday life. We will follow ancestral patterns in learning how to travel in harmony with the three most important bodies/beings in our solar system--Sun, Earth, and Moon. These bodies together create a system of changing energies that we can translate each month into something I call "the Gift of Tomorrow Today." It is a natural divination system that keeps you informed all month about what specific areas of your life will be activated and how to use the available energies by working with them through your timing.
Content will be based on Secrets of the Old Woman Who Never Dies, by Virginia Meyer
Facilitator: Virginia Meyer, 206-527-4124

Dream Circles
Monday nights at Heartspring, 1914 N. 34th St., Suite 400, 2-3 times per month
Tuesday nights in Columbia City, every other Tuesday

Join an ongoing dream circle. An introduction to shamanic dreaming is provided for new members. Participants share dreams that have meaning for them. We listen to the dreams in an intuitive way, respond from the heart, and consider what messages the dreams hold for the dreamer and all of us. We identify spirit allies and power animals who appear, often in multiple forms, and suggest ways to further develop relationships with them, including through shamanic journeying.
Contact: June BlueSpruce, 206-579-1203,
Website and Registration: (must call to register)

The Well ~ A Study Group for Women
Seattle, First Wednesdays of the Month
A group for women to explore the wise woman tradition, nourishing ourselves deeply
and connecting with the treasures within us.
Contact info: Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter,, 360-579-2319,

Transfiguration Circle
Wednesday evenings from 7-9PM in Fremont.
Based on the Sandra Ingerman’s Medicine for the Earth work, this circle meets monthly to utilize the potent tool of transfiguration to help shift our vibrations to a higher level. As our personal vibration is raised, it is reflected back to us from our external world. Occasionally, we meet at an outside location to help with a specific environmental concern.
Prerequisite: Please have experience with transfiguration. Contace Christine in how to meet the prereq.
Contact: Christine Wallace, 206 736-2446
Website and Registration:

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