The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community

Local Indigenous People

Che oke' ten (Paul Wagner)
Native American Flute Player and Storyteller
Native American flutist, drummer/singer and storyteller of the Saanich (Coast Salish) tribe, shares the beautiful songs and stories of his ancient northwest coast Sissiwiss ("sacred breath"/"sacred life") spirituality, in cultural presentations and ritual and public performances, in the United States and abroad.

Local Indigenous Events

Medicine Wheel Teachings with Roy Wilson ~ Castle Rock, WA
Ongoing Classes Meet the 1st Saturday of Each Month

12:30 to 1pm - Drumming Circle
1-4pm - Medicine Wheel Teachings

The Medicine Wheel teachings are taught by Chief Roy Wilson (Grandfather) the Spiritual Leader and Story Teller of the Cowlitz Tribe. Kyle Ward and Maureen Browning, Ritual and Shamanic Practitioners, and Sun Dancers assist Grandfather Roy Wilson in the teachings..
Please bring a drum and/or rattle, snack, water bottle, an air of expectancy, open mind and heart to hear the simularities of traditional Native American medicine wheel teachings with those of other world religions. Honorarium Donations are appreciated to help pay for Roy, Kyle and Maureen's teachings, time, travel and space rental.
The Grange Hall
214 Cowlitz Ave
Castle Rock, WA 98611
Contact: Maureen or Kyle at for directions or questions.
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