The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community

Online Discussion

There is an online discussion held at called "Core Shamanism".
Anyone from anywhere with experience in Core Shamanism is very welcome!

There is a prerequisite, which is pretty easy to fulfill: in order to facilitate community with people who are speaking the same language, you must know how to journey in the core shamanic way as taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. If you do not, it is easy to get someone to teach you. Check out the links on this website for free classes in Seattle or teachers in your area.

Also, there are weekend workshops put on by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies listed at

To get started, go to
You can view the Tribe posting but you cannot take part until you:

1. Set up a free account.
2. Request to be a member in the tribe called "Core Shamanism". Mention how you know Core Shamanism in order to be approved.

This will not generate more email for you! Tribe is more like a place you go to than a list you suscribe to. It will also not generate any spam.


Leslie Harris started an online community for shamanic kin up at:

It is a "network is a place of connecting to obtain and share information about shamanic healing, events & other related items of interest." Try it, you'll probably see people you know up there!

Shamanism and Sacred Art Meetup Group - Seattle Area
So if you are looking for community in sacred expression, here's the spot for you.




To get the monthly class summary via email, write to Susana at: