The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community

Sweat Lodges

Raven House Healing Sweat Lodge
Castle Rock, WA
Monthly ongoing sweats are open to the community.
Kyle Ward pours for the lodge as well as other indigenous guest pourers who come throughout the year.
We also offer healing and ceremonial lodges.
Please contact us if you would like to attend and/or receive directions. 360-703-1394 or

LightSong Community Sweat Lodge,
Gresham, OR
Every 3rd Saturday. FREE
Facilitated by: Deb and Rick Scrivens and the LightSong Community

Sweat Lodge
Hidden Lake Retreat, Eagle Creek Oregon
Poured by Lauri Shainsky, Shamanic Sound Healing Practitioner on behalf of the LightSong Community

Upon request for those in need and on the solstices and equinoxes
Contact: Those wanting a lodge poured for them, or to RSVP (required) for the solstice and equinox lodges: please email me at or call her at 503-637-3407.



To get the monthly class summary via email, write to Susana at: