The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community

Shamanic Healers and Teachers - Canada

This list is not a recommendation list but more like a town square. Anyone in our community can be posted here as long as they are practicing and teaching techniques that rely on the power animals/teacher guides as the main resource for inspirationand healing.


Mendocino County

Kitty Norris: practitioner, healer, teacher, community volunteer
Other Disciplines:Munay-Ki, Soul Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval, Illumination, Extraction, Depossession, Cleansings, Protections, Death & Dying Work, Shamanic Hospice, Psychopomp, Generational & Ancestor Healing, Past Life Work, Life Coach, Sound Healing, Animal Communication/Healing, Despacho Ceremony, Divination, Distance Work
Ordained Minister, (707)459-1868

Mt. Shasta

Della Clark: practitioner, healer, teacher, drum circle facilitator, workshop host
Practices: She assists her guides and Teachers by teaching journeying skills, doing soul retrievals, death and dying work, energy healing & teaching overtone chanting. She offers support to those who have had spiritual or psychic awakenings, and spiritual visitations, as well as energetic openings, which have put them in crisis. She facilitates a workshop space, Spiritwalkers Retreat on the slopes of Mount Shasta.
Contact:, (530)859-1007


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