The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community

Tips on Learning Shamanic Ways

written by Tasara

Shamanic journey is not only for shamanic healers. It is accessible to all and can help us live deeper, more meaningful lives.

Learn to conduct your own shamanic journeys to the otherworlds to meet your spirit allies, be they in the form of animals, plants, nature essences, deities, teachers, angels, guides or any other benevolent spirits that are attracted to you.

Find ways to develop deep relationships with your allies, allowing them to assist you in your personal world and with the challenges you encounter in life.

Here are some ways:

1. Find a Basic Core Shamanism training by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, look here:

2. Learn and practice on your own with this excellent book for beginners called The Beginner's Guide to Shamanic Journeyingby Sandra Ingerman. It comes with a CD of drumming to journey to, in case you don't have a drum or don't want to disturb the neighbors. :)

3. Find a teacher in your local area using this website.

Going deeper is often the call after one practices their journeying for a time. There are many, many excellent teachers out there and equally as many enticing courses and programs.

Sometimes our sacred yearning is so strong we jump to sign up for every class available, forgetting about that important steeping time between classes. It is good to stop the brain occasionally and ask the heart: Is this the material I yearn for? Or do I really yearn for a circle to practice what I have already learned? Or do I yearn for community? Or was there a different class that matches my spirit more closely? Or? Or?

What is most important is that you feel safe with the teacher you have chosen.

Tips when choosing a new teacher:

Boundaries: A good teacher has excellent boundaries. This means that they will not ask you to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

Accessibility: A good teacher is available to answer your questions during instruction. They do not try to make things sound more mysterious and powerful than they are.

Deferring to the Spirits: A good shamanic teacher will never tell you what they think is "wrong with you", what they think you need for healing or interpret your journeys for you. They will honor your unique relationships with your power animals and guardians.

A good teacher knows that all they can do is show you the door through teaching what they have learned - but that you must walk through the door. They know that no one is going to find their own Way through imitating them. Expect to be encouraged but run from those that want you to put them on a pedestal.

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