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Shamanic Healers and Teachers - Washington

This list is not a recommendation list but more like a town square. Anyone in our community can be posted here as long as they are practicing and teaching techniques that rely on the power animals/teacher guides as the main resource for inspirationand healing.

Bainbridge Island
Lora Jansson: Shamanic Services
Contact:Lora has been a shamanic practitioner and teacher for more than a decade. Shamanic work is her life, and she knows it is unique to each individual. She invites you to call her at 206-201-3307 or write her at with any and all questions.

Leslie Conton: Practitioner, teacher
Is the only faculty member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) currently teaching in the OR, WA, VanCouver BC area.
Contact: Leslie can be contacted by 360/650-4904 or at for her current workshop schedule at
You can also find her FSS classes listed at
Testimonials and Bio

Castle Rock
Maureen Browning : Practitioner, Teacher, Healer and founder of Raven House Healing a center for Shamanic Studies
Shamanic teacher and mentor to help expand personal awareness and healing through classes, ceremonies, Soul essence retrievals and after care, extraction healings, divination and monthly Shamanic drumming circles to practice and keep a strong connection to your spirit helpers.
Other Disciplines: Usui Reiki Master/ART, teacher, practitioner, monthly Reiki Share circles, Energy and Vibrational healing with ancient Tibetan and Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, gemstones, bells, toning and drums. Space clearing for both land and buildings.
Contact: Maureen Browning, 360-703-1394

Janet Partlow, MPAS, shamanic practitioner, herbalist, teacher
Yerba Buena Healing Arts
Spirit has led me on this path as a shamanic healer for seven years. My central focus is to help clear stuck places for people and
help them find their path and authentic self. I work with a wide range of health and life issues, blending shamanic healing, extraction work, soul retrieval and soul healing, death & dying work with the powerful medicine of plants.
Other Disciplines: Plant Spirit Medicine, Herbalist, Faery Doctoring
Contact: 360-789-0278

Christine Marie Wallace: Practitioner, teacher
With a spirit of integrity and humor, Christine is honored to facilitate deep and heartfelt personal transformation.

Betsy Bergstrom: Practitioner, teacher
Practices: Well known throughout the country for her teachings and healing practice specializing in depossession and mediumship.
More on her website.

Jean Anthony:Practitioner, Mentor, Divine Medium, Singer
Music for Soul expansion and Divine connection. Special Gifts of Mediumship - for healing, divination, and soul remembering.

Tasara: Healer, teacher, community organizer
Practices: Soul retrieval, compassionate depossession, extraction, psychopomp
Other Disciplines: Also is a long-time pagan, performing and teaching sacred art.

John R. Lawrence, Ph.D.:Practitioner
Practices: Certified Shamanic Counselor: Counsels clients in shamanic journeying for the purpose of divination so that clients may directly seek answers to questions they have in their lives.
Contact: 206/722-8961

Johnny Moses: Teacher
Johnny Moses is a Tulalip Native American raised in the remote Nuu-chah-nulth village of Ohiat on the west coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. He was raised in the traditional ways by his grandparents, and sent by his elders to share their teachings with all people. Johnny is a master storyteller, oral historian, traditional healer and respected spiritual leader.

June BlueSpruce, MPH, Certified Intrinsic Coach: Dreamer, healer, teacher.
We can communicate with the spirits through dreaming and shamanic journeying for many purposes: to develop relationships with them; to receive healing, teaching and initiation; to discover our heart's true path; and to align ourselves with the sacred ways of the Universe.
Practices:Shamanic journeys and soul retrievals,shamanic dream consultation, house and land clearings and blessings. Teaches workshops in shamanic dreaming and journeying and leads dream circles.
Other Disciplines: Life coaching, energy healing,.

Lindsey Lawson,Shamanic practitioner, licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist .
Blending Traditional Chinese Medicine with Shamanism allows Lindsey to reflect the depths of her medicine more fully. Understanding that our body and everything that surrounds us is pure energy allows her to move seamlessly into other realms to find the true cause of dis-ease and find where true healing needs to take place. When a shamanic situation is resolved, the body may take longer to make the shift and continue uncomfortable side effects. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can address this issue. Lindsey facilitates the removal of energtetic blocks, releasing suffering beings, connection with power animals and healing.  She has found this particular blend of tools to be effective for treating insomnia, anxiety and depression, various types of body pain (especially chronic).
Contact: Glow Natural Health Center 206 568 7545

Melissa Rosenberger, M.S., L.Ac.: Practitioner
Practices: Soul retrievals, post-soul retrieval integration, house and business blessings and clearings, baby blessings, extraction work, journey oracles, power animals, psychopomp (helping the dead cross over), shamanic acupuncture.
Contact: 206-331-5891

Michelle McKinney: Practitioner, Teacher
Shamanic healing arts including journey work, soul retrieval, extraction, and spirit releasement. Healing for people and pets, both living and deceased; for homes, offices and land.
Other disciplines: Systemic (also known as family) Constellations facilitation, Hypnosis and Past-life Regression, Spiritual Counseling, and Reiki.
Contact: phone: 206.523.9006, or email:

Shiela Baker, MA:Practitioner
Practices: 2nd Wednesday shamanic journey circle, Soul retrieval and after-care, shamanic counseling (combining ancient wisdom with modern psychotherapy and neuroscience), home and business blessings, tarot classes.
Sacred stone massage with sea salt soak in beautiful setting. Fabulous drum bags, meditaion pillows, Yoga mat bags and silk scarves from Bali.
Contact: 206-903-9404


Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter: Shamanic Herbalist/Teacher, Practitioner
Practices: Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Herbalism, Propserity Conversations
Offerings: Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship and Monthly Classes, Individual Teaching and Healing Sessions on Whidbey Island and in Seattle and sessions by phone.
Contact: 360-579-2319
Website: for more information and writings to inspire your journeys.

Skagit Valley

Carol Dale Duby, M.A.: Practitioner
Offers soul retrieval, after-care support, extraction healing, and occasional beginning training in shamanic journey to individuals and small groups. She also offers shamanic work for animals, astrological counseling, and paintings inspired by her shamanic practice. Carol was a licensed psychotherapist and art therapist for over 18 years and began integrating core shamanism into her practice in 1994.
Contact: 360-770-7121 or

Richard Gossett: Practitioner, teacher, founding member of the Svaha Spirit Lodge
Practices: Trained Psychotherapist and Marriage and Family Counselor
- Shamanic practice in the Skagit Valley for over 30 years
- Teacher and Mentor
Work with folks from Portland to Whistler, BC, Workshops nationwide and Canada

Tana Hamiter ~ Blue Deer Woman: Practitioner, teacher and founder of On Wings of Light & Turtle Clan of the Rainbow Nation.
Practices: Shamanic counseling, teacher & mentor, various healing ceremonies including Soul retrieval and after-care, certified mediator, Shamanic journey circles with medicine wheel teachings the 1st Saturday of each month, vision quests and sweat lodges monthly. Shamanic Practioner for 13 years. Also Traditional, Japanese & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher.
Contact: or 360-856-1428

Spanaway/Graham, WA
Lorelle Parker: Practitioner
Testimonials: on her website

Whidbey Island
Julie Charette Nunn, Crow's Daughter: Shamanic Herbalist/Teacher, Practitioner
Practices: Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Herbalism, Propserity Conversations
Offerings: Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship and Monthly Classes, Individual Teaching and Healing Sessions on Whidbey Island and in Seattle and sessions by phone.
Contact: 360-579-2319
Website: for more information and writings to inspire your journeys.

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