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Bio for Leslie Conton:

Leslie Conton, a cultural/transpersonal anthropologist, began her experiential study and initial 7-year apprenticeship in shamanism in 1977. Fieldwork with traditional healers and shamans took her to Papua New Guinea(1974-5, 1981, 1988), Australia (1988), Northern China and Inner Mongolia (1995) and Nepal (1996), where she observed and interviewed shamans of several traditions and began a shamanic initiatory process with a woman shaman of the Tamang tradition. In 2001-02 she traveled to Sikkim, other parts of N. India and Nepal to locate and document the shamanic practices of Tibetan shamans in exile. Her experiential fieldwork also includes work with shamans and other healers from several West Coast Native American traditions as part of her role as an applied anthropologist and advocate for traditional spiritual values in various cultural resources management projects. Since 1980 she teaches fulltime at Western Washington University's Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, a small alternative liberal arts college. Her classes in Culture, Consciousness and Creativity include cross-cultural healing; initiation processes; dreams, imagination and creativity; the art of play; and her other specialization, somatics--the cultivation and study of sensory awareness and knowledge derived from the body. In addition to teaching and shamanic practice, her soul's passions also include ecstatic dancing and singing, alchemical divination work, silence, sunsets and hot springs, gardening, nature, and her community, where she focuses her shamanic practice.

Testimonial for Leslie Conton:

"Leslie was my first workshop teacher in Core Shamanism years ago. I was impressed by her knowledge, humility and openness while she still held clear and safe boundaries. I recently took another workshop from her and was happy to have a sound guide I knew I could rely on when going into personally risky areas. Not only was I able to travel very far but she accurately assessed my abilities and stood by to support or help me, whichever would be needed. I recommend her with no reservation for any training or healing in the shamanic way." - Tasara

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