The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community

Types of Healing

Blended Medicine

Blended Medicine is when someone who has been studying more than one discipline on a deep level starts to create something new from their heart.

For example, someone with a deep understanding of Core Shamanism may also practice something else like:

Reiki, Qi Gong, Accupuncture, Massage, Counseling, Sound Healing, Dance, Music, Art, Magic and Ritual.

What fun! Over time, they find a way to combine these Ways and can offer healing to their clients in a unique and genuiune way.
Those listed here still rely on work with journey, power animals and teacher guides as the foundation for at least a portion of their work.

~~ Each healer is a unique bloom of flower,
developing their medicine in their own way.
Ask your practitioner what their specialties are. ~~

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