The Pacific Northwest Core Shamanic Community

Types of Healing

Soul Retrieval
It is very common for people in our society to experience soul loss. It can be caused by a traumatic experience, abuse, a long illness, a car accident, years of self-blame or a number of other things. There can also be a case of unintentional soul stealing, which is common after a break-up or divorce.

Symptoms of soul loss can be severe depression, chronic illness, a feeling of being disassociated or not in one's body, grief that won't end or post-traumatic stress.

A soul retrieval is a ceremony where the shamanic practitioner goes on a journey to the Otherworlds, with the aid of their helping spirits, to seek your lost soul part or parts. The soul pieces are then blown back into your body. Information is also brought back about what gifts this part of your soul bring to you. It can take a year or so to fully integrate your soul piece(s).

This is very powerful ceremony for which you may want to consider inviting your close loved ones to witness and welcome you home.


~~ This listing of healing techniques is by no means complete.
Each healer is a unique bloom of flower,
developing their medicine in their own way.
Ask your practitioner what their specialties are. ~~

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